We have created a unique and inspiring conference environment that our guests appreciate and gladly return to.

Ansia has 8 conference rooms and the largest can hold 150 people. All rooms are equipped with data projector, whiteboard, flipchart and OH, PA System, we connect as required.

You can choose the conference in Conference Centres (KC), Skogskåtan or the hotel.

The hotel has 15 rooms and 3 suites, dining room and meeting places for 40 people. It is suitable for groups who value privacy but still want to be close to the other service.

You as a course leader will have access to our many years experience in hosting meetings and conferences of various kinds. There are a lot of practical details to consider! We are happy to provide advice in the planning stage.

Make a schedule and dismissal realistic time for breaks. A stretch our legs in 10 minutes goes well in a small group, but it takes longer to re-gather a group of about 100 people.

Find out which wishes lecturers have. This can apply to furnishing that affect how large local you need, group work that requires more space or additional technology that will be leased.

The good food at Restaurant Skogskåtan, many often looks forward to. Give participants the opportunity to communicate their possible need for special food, so the food becomes a source of joy for all.

Obviously, we take care of the practical during implementation. The room is furnished according to your wishes and there are pen and paper to the participants. We are happy to show you how the technical equipment operates. There is a bowl with a little good and even fresh water to quench thirst. If something unexpected occurs during their stay, we do our best to help!


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S-921 42 Lycksele
Tel: 0950-100 83

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